Terms and Conditions

1: Please note that as soon as MBAmarketing.co.za has received payment whether in part or in full for an agreed job, both parties will be bound by the below terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are binding to both parties under the law of South Africa

2: All services provided by MBAmarketing.co.za are used under your own risk and that each service is provide a) when available and b) ‘as is’. MBAmarketing.co.za reserves the right to deny reliability in terms of the services provided. No warranties of any kind are offered in terms of fitness of services to required outcome, non-infringement and the merchantability of final products.

3: The customer from here on out agrees that any duplication of the finished product will be seen as a breach of contract and at no time may produce duplicate content or pages, redirect traffic via dubious means, or attempt to deceive any search engine spider by allowing it to view content that is not actually available to the natural navigator.

4: The customer agrees that any linking done with the intention of boosting rankings should no longer be taken on by any third parties and MBAmarketing.co.za is not to be held liable should any links created outside of this agreement be with bad neighborhoods. The customer also agrees not to partake in any link spamming techniques aimed at fooling the search engines into increasing ranking, whether intentionally or not.

5: The customer agrees that no black hat techniques shall be used on their site whether within the programming of said site or via promotional methods. The techniques covered include, but not exclusively: hidden text, keyword spamming (either in their content or the HTML coding).

6: The customer agrees that should any of the above black hat methods, or any methods that MBAmarketing.co.za considers to be black hat are discovered, be they before, during or after the promotional campaign is undertaken by MBAmarketing.co.za, that ‘we’ (MBAmarketing.co.za) reserve the right to discontinue any and all work still to be completed and will not be held to any assurance previously offered to the client in any form.

7: MBAmarketing.co.za will in no way be able to guarantee search engine rankings for any website, at any time. Any situation where a certain rank has been assured to the customer, MBAmarketing.co.za considers that assurance completed when the site has sat at the previously stated rank for a sum of 4 (four) weeks or more on Google.co.za. In the unlikely event that said rank is not achieved then MBAmarketing.co.za will continue to work for free of charge for up to three months to achieve the ranking as promised. It should be noted that once the assurance has been fulfilled MBAmarketing.co.za will no longer be responsible for maintaining the ranking of the site. From this point the customer is expected to maintain their rankings by either hiring a continued SEO worker or purchasing a maintenance plan directly from MBAmarketing.co.za.

8 a: MBAmarketing.co.za will in no uncertain terms ever be held liable for any SEO content that is changed to the adverse effects of the sites rankings or any costs that is incurred by the customer to rectify the situation. The terms cover events such as any on page SEO work already carried out on the customers website either by the customers webmaster or MBAmarketing.co.za themselves. It should be noted that MBAmarketing.co.za will not be held liable for any work carried out by third parties and in the event that either should need work to rectify the situation then MBAmarketing.co.za will be well within their rights to charge for the time needed to rectify above and beyond what the customer is already paying for the services of MBAmarketing.co.za.

8 b: The customer agrees that any on page SEO carried out by MBAmarketing.co.za will also contain a small and discreet text link directed to MBAmarketing.co.za. The text link shall only ever read ‘SEO’ and will not interfere with the general running of the site in any way.

9: MBAmarketing.co.za will only consider a contract to work as begin completed once both parties have confirmed by Mail, Email or telephone and once payment has been completed within the terms of the contract. As such MBAmarketing.co.za will only be able to work with clients that arte either over the age of 18 or who have an adult or guardian who may sign on their behalf and take full responsibility.

10 a: Please note that MBAmarketing.co.za is in no way affiliated with any third party search engines or other companies and as such any logos that are present on the MBAmarketing.co.za website are still the property of their respective owners.

10 b: MBAmarketing.co.za reserves the right to alter the contents of an SEO package purchased by a client as they see fit, though only ever for the benefit of the client. This may be in the form of extra directory submission in place of forums posts as an example. At no time will any changes be made that will be to the detriment of the overall results of the package. Any changes will always be made because MBAmarketing.co.za has considered them to be more advantageous to the customer’s site.

11: MBAmarketing.co.za is in no way responsible for delivery failure by third parties such as internet service providers. This will include the applicable host to the customer’s site and any equipment associated with the proper running of said website. It is the customer’s responsibility to supply MBAmarketing.co.za with the applicable information to access the website in question and will not be responsible for delays due to delivery failure of said details. Any situation that is beyond the control of MBAmarketing.co.za such as acts of god, strikes by third parties, equipment failures, electricity outages or any other natural or manmade disaster.

12: MBAmarketing.co.za does not guarantee that the material available through MBAmarketing.co.za or any third parties will be accurate and correct, timely and reliable or any other way in which the integrity of the information may be named.

13: Although every effort is made to maintain the security level of any and all data handled by MBAmarketing.co.za in the form of non-disclosure agreements and other means, MBAmarketing.co.za cannot be held responsible for any security breaches pertaining to the information that is provided to them. As the internet is an open market for piracy and corruption any loss of data due to these causes will not be the responsibility of SEOh.co.uk and the customer hereby waives any claim against MBAmarketing.co.za for any such event.

14: to the furthest extent of the laws of South Africa, MBAmarketing.co.za and any company or third party associated with them in any way including employees and contractors, will not be held liable for any loss, damage whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, no matter how the situation arose including negligence of said company or third party. Any break in communications, loss of profit or down time on the service is also covered under this clause and as such MBAmarketing.co.za is not responsible for the maintenance of communications. Personal injury is not covered in this section as far as limited liability is concerned.

15: As an ethically correct business, MBAmarketing.co.za will not in any way promote a business that it deems to contain unsuitable or offensive content. this includes, but is not limited to, content that is illegal, adult or offensive, new age, occult, hate speech, pornography (legal or not) spiritualism, mediumship or any other content that is deemed to be politically incorrect or propagandist. This also covers sites that provide services such as gambling, pharmaceutical products or any site that advertises itself as ‘made for AdSense’. MBAmarketing.co.za reserves the right to make any final decision on the suitability of content for publishing.

16: Please note that no orders will be processed by MBAmarketing.co.za until payment has been received in any form, either by credit/debit card, bank or internet transfer. Monthly payment schemes are available for the remainder for the balance but any missed payments will results in the removal of these rights and full payment will need to be transferred before any work continues. MBAmarketing.co.za regrets that no refunds will be given at any time and under any circumstances.