Google Ads


Being visible online is vitally important for a company’s growth in today’s day and age. With technology ever changing and new competitors entering the digital market partnering with an industry expert is needed to succeed. At MBA Marketing we are continuously researching the market place in order to gain that competitive advantage. We use our experience and knowledge to develop the best online marketing strategy possible for each of our clients.


How Google Ads Work

People search on Google

They use keywords and search terms to search online for specific products and services.

They see your advert

If the keywords you have chosen match what people search for, your ad appears next to or above Google search results.

You get more customers

When people click on your ad, they will go to your website to learn more or buy.

Where your ads show up

Why Choose Us?

With Google AdWords you are charged only if someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website, not when your ad is displayed. In other words, you only pay when your advertising works.

We Are A Certified Google Partner

The monthly minimum management fee is R3500 p/m and includes account set up and management of all adverts and keywords.

You then add a monthly budget of your choice directly to your Google Ads account.

There are no monthly contracts so if you do not get the outcome that you want you can stop after any given month.

This policy makes it extremely important for us to show you results as soon as possible in order to keep you on as a client.

At the end of each month we send you a detailed report on how many clicks you have received and how many people have visited your website from Adwords.

We also assist you in the development of your content on your website to receive the maximum number of hits from Google Adwords.

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